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    Wednesday, November 05, 2008 8:48 PM

    there goes my holidays

    Last week was really a busy week!
    For the start of our precious one-week holiday,
    We participated in the school's amazing race!
    It was quite happening,
    even though we ended up being so tired after everything.
    There was 8 places that we have to go during the race,
    but we ended up only completing 7 of out 8.

    How to win the race?

    very simple, complete as many stations as possible and be back to school within 1 hour,
    after you left the last station.

    We were quite surprised actually during the race.
    We screwed up the very first station that we had to go.
    We took a bus to bottle tree (Kranji) instead of the MRT,
    which is so call faster.
    We are the last 2nd to reached.
    But for the subsequence stations,
    we were the first to reached!
    Well, we almost won at the end,
    All thanks to LiLi,
    she called peter and tell him that 3 teams have already completed.
    So being a positive person,
    of course i don't believe that they could be faster than us.
    So i was telling them that her "complete" might not mean completing the 8 stations,
    but completed 7 and reached the school.
    From what we judged, i don't think that there is enough time for 8 stations.
    So we took our own sweet time to go back to school.
    When we reached our school,
    to our surprise, there was only 1 other team that completed as many as us!
    see... what I predicted was right! haha

    Oh well, nevertheless the whole race was still fun and happening!
    An unforgettable experience haha.

    Oh i forgot the most important thing!
    the participant for the amazing race team.
    Ren Jie, Sharlene, Yong Yu, Edwin and me! :)

    ok that's for the amazing race.

    Now lets move on to the SEG's chalet!
    We all went to pasir ris for our chalet,
    that chalet's location was so unexpected,
    it's a very old building,
    one story, 2 rooms 1 kitchen,
    It was so small and squeezy lol.
    And its called the "Holiday Flat" lmao
    The atmosphere there was so good,
    that cover up that impression of the house!
    Had basketball match when we reached there,
    started BBQ at around 6:45pm.
    there's sting rays, satays, Otah, Chicken wings, Prawns
    That was also another happening event.
    2 happening events in 1 week!
    we stayed up the whole night during the chalet,
    was chatting and talking craps in the room to kill time.
    After that we went for night cycling,
    Rented 7 bikes from the near by bike shop.
    We went out of the chalet, and cycled around Loyang and pasir ris area.
    Due to that Edwin cant really cycle far,
    we had to head back quite early,
    actually planned to go further for supper.
    After reaching the chalet, we went to bath and continue our craps.
    Heng and the Myanmar's playing guitar and some of them singing along.
    that was already around 2+am.
    Lucky no one threw any stuffs down. lol
    The next day Edwin sent us back to causeway point
    and we went seperate ways after having out breakfast at Ya Kun.

    Thats about all for today. ((:

    oh so unexpected (:


    Jesus is Love
    Saturday, November 01, 2008 12:30 PM

    Update coming soon.

    tons of things to blog about!
    Will be back very soon when i am free!

    Jesus is Love
    Sunday, October 19, 2008 11:47 AM

    finally after so long.

    Weiming finally got his license!
    now left with me, boonkiat and yi quan.
    He actually rented a car,
    so yesterday after work we went out for supper.
    Meet Boon and Yi quan.
    We went over to jalan kayu for some indian food,
    Haven had my dinner until 12+ am,
    was damn hungry at that time so we ordered rojak and pratas!
    After eating and chatting for sometime,
    they keep mentioning "MF", when i ask where we going next.
    i was like what the hell was MF?
    Mutant forest? Mother Fucker?
    So I just followed them, see where that driver want to bring us.
    He acted like going to wrong way at first, by turning out the wrong side into PIE.
    Which leads us all the way to Changi,
    All the way down................ to ECP.
    Actually wanted to go over to the highway to see the nice scenery,
    he turned the wrong way again, went down all the way to Suntec and Bugis.
    Until now then he finally reveal to me what's MF.
    Mount Faber! -.-
    4 guys going to Mount Faber, abit crazy isn't it?
    They wanted to see the nice view from the highest place.
    Quite a nice place for couples there.
    So the adventures ends here..
    We went back home after that.
    Its already 3+ when we reached home.
    2.57am at mount faber 3.08am at woodlands,
    I didn't know its so near!


    Jesus is Love
    Thursday, October 16, 2008 1:57 PM

    I need some rest!

    Didn't wake up for school today,
    was really sick.
    headache, flu, cough, sore throat.
    Everytime during this kind of busy period I have to fall sick.
    I guess i really need some rest.
    she got pissed off after she knew it i guess.
    I just can't stop feeling that way.
    I wish i could, sorry.
    You are not being paranoid.

    Tuesday was quite a boring day,
    having a understanding UT in the afternoon spoils the whole day.
    Finally the test is over now,
    at least i managed to finish the first 2 questions out of 3.

    Yesterday was final year project day,
    went for the autopet competition's workshop.
    Dr Lim was there disturbing us all the way.
    The SEG guys all gathered for a basketball match after the FYP meeting.
    We went for badminton and table tennis too.
    I was so exhausted after everything,
    so long since i had ever exercised.
    When i was on my way rushing home,
    then i realized that cell group was canceled,
    if not i would have played awhile longer )):

    Went to see doctor this morning,
    had my medicine and blogging now.
    That's about all (:
    Going to have my tea break now!


    Jesus is Love
    Monday, October 13, 2008 3:34 PM

    Perhaps i should.

    This feeling inside.
    Its somehow unbearable sometimes,
    I tried not to care,
    I just could not flee from the pain.
    No mood for work,
    No mood for anything.
    Trying not to think,
    again it pop out in my mind.
    It hurts so much everytime, i think of it.

    Night Safari Halloween night - 10 Oct - 30 Oct
    trying my best, wanted to bring you there,
    but no reply.
    I know only him can make you smile,
    the "superman".

    Worked on the first day of Halloween night,
    Quite cool actually,
    Plenty of ghost of all types wandering around the night safari.
    Talking about being afraid working alone,
    Its actually rather boring than scary.

    There's ghosts hiding in the Giant Forest Trail,
    so beware, if you are planning to go Night Safari this Halloween.

    Besides that, i am also working at Chinese Medical Hall for the last 2 days.
    Sat, Sun.
    100 dollar each day.
    seems tempting,
    But you got to get poked for the whole day.
    Its actually a acupuncture examination.
    I will have to be the model,
    some of them are really rough,
    they pressed me so hard like its free.

    Sat went to Newton Circus for dinner.
    meet Tin shen at the MRT station.
    The food was average, but the price was not.

    Sun went to swensen after work.
    Had Fish and chips and ice cream,
    Went to the arcade just besides swensen trying to recall the old days,
    when Daytona is still the trend.

    2 days of good food,
    also the celebration for my other 2 friends,
    for their last day of no school period!
    Imagine after more than 6 months of attachments, projects and holidays,
    Its time for them to go back to regular timetable.

    I can feel their pain, hahaha

    Oh well, today's Human Resource module.
    not that bad for the start of the week.
    Don't know what to reply to the msg,
    but well, at least it makes me smile.
    Hope that there's better days ahead.


    Jesus is Love
    Wednesday, August 20, 2008 9:29 PM

    my life's boring.

    Everything is fine for the past few weeks.
    Nothing special, just that we ( Sebastian, Wei ming and me)
    met our target!
    which is to cycle from Admiralty all the to Vivo.
    Quite a tired yet fun trip though.
    Everyday seems the same,
    Waking up everyday, either going cycle or resting at home.
    Wednesday and Thursday will be Final Year Project day.
    IT show's coming, which also means my income's coming!
    Thanks to Sebastian for the job vacancy.
    will try to update when there's more interesting things.

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    Jesus is Love
    Tuesday, July 15, 2008 8:58 AM

    Durian Season!

    Might be changing to a new blog if i have the time..
    Anyway, I have went to Ubin few days back.
    Instead of cycling and exploring the place further,
    we ended up picking durians!
    It all started with Sebastian, tempted by the durians
    that those aunties have picked up!

    can't really see the durians though..
    we waited for almost 3 hours for the durians.
    standing at the path way, listening for the "pop" sound.
    When there's a POP!, Sebastian sure will be the first to run down into the woods
    to look for the fallen durian.

    Our very own collection!
    We have collected total of 6 durians
    Tried to open one of them,

    Sebastian trying to open the durian using the caveman style!
    ah sha sha sha! Ho Ho Ho! Durian durian open durian!
    After collecting 6 durians we decided to go back to the Jetty,
    Since its already 5pm+
    Went back to look for help to open the durians!
    We got one of the auntie from the bicycle shop to open for us.
    Here comes our durian feast!

    Natural durians!
    And this is the end of our feast!

    End of our cycling cum durian trip!


    Jesus is Love